Enjoying a cocktail while sitting at a pub table is an experience to be had alone or in the company of friends, at cocktail hour or late in the evening, amid chatter and laughter or in a moment of reflection. But what is the real ingredient that gives prominence to the mere act of drinking? The service provided. At Smile Tree, in the heart of Turin’s movida, a cocktail is more than just a cocktail: it is an experience for the eyes and the palate.

Originality and refined aesthetics: the strengths of Smile Tree’s cocktails

Making quality drinks is the essential foundation for any pub or venue, but is that really all it takes to satisfy customers? In front of a cocktail, perhaps sipped in company, thoughts often get shattered: one gets rid of the tasks and anxieties of daily life and enjoys a few hours of relaxation. And that’s the real secret: escape from stress and indulge in a few treats. Even better if the drink we just ordered, and have in front of us, offers a unique experience.
At Smile Tree all this is possible. Located in Consolata Square, in the heart of Turin’s Quadrilateral, the venue makes cocktails that leave you breathless with the originality and creativity of the service. Traditional coasters give way to carefully honed stone and wooden stands, all the way up to actual serving plates, either deep or flat. Original additions are applied to the drink glass, such as the thousands of colors of perfectly plated fruit, as well as delicious accompanying appetizers. All seasoned by the original hand of the young and knowledgeable staff, who take care of every single detail to make each cocktail unique and inimitable. At Smile Tree, drinks are not just drinks: they are a visual experience because of the originality and refined aesthetics of the layout, as well as the quality of the products. At Smile Tree you don’t just drink a cocktail: you admire it, comment on it with friends, take photos of it to keep and maybe share on social media. In essence, you live it. With your eyes and with your palate.

Creative cocktails even in the ingredients, in search of continuous innovation

Smile Tree’s cocktails are not only presented as refined works of art, they delight the palate through the careful selection of ingredients. And there are ones for all tastes: sweet or bitter, spicy or sour, full of surprising colors and flavors that satisfy everyone’s needs. Traditional spritzes are joined by decidedly sophisticated drinks such as the original Orient Express, composed of vodka, berry liqueur, date syrup and chestnut honey water. Intense flavors are also found in the Lady Violet, where vodka is combined with lychee liqueur, violet liqueur, cocoa bitters and violet sugar.
Even in the combinations of ingredients, then, Smile Tree stands out for its originality and creative spirit. An environment where monotony is not contemplated and where the search for innovative formulas is always buzzing. Try it to believe.

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