Menù Cocktail

Cocktails for all tastes in our local Roman quadrilateral!

Discover our cocktail menu: sweet or bitter, spicy or sour, accompanied by fruit and appetizers that will complete to perfection the flavor of your drink.

Casa Savoia

Professor’s Red Vermouth, bagnet verd and tomato milkwash, Ancho Reyes red, peat whiskey spray


Cocchi Americano white infused alla giardiniera, Campari, olive lemonade, rosemary smoked

Un Americano in Persia (analcolico)

Bitter non-alcoholic, cordial al rooibos, pomegranate juice, Thomas Henry botanical tonic water


Bickens London Dry Gin, cordial basil and sage, orange syrup

Cumbia de Lima (analcolico)

Chicha Morada (Peruvian purple corn drink), guanabana juice, Amalfi lemon soda

Burro & Salvia Martini

Bulldog Fat-wash gin of butter and sage, Lillet Blanc, spinach oil and nutmeg

Crème de la Crème

Smoked Vermouth, bourbon whiskey, Honey cream, tonka powder

L’uovo di Colombo

Kingston 62 white rum, shrub huacatay and lulo (South American fruit), molasses bitters, Amalfi lemon soda


Tequila Espolon infusa al huacatay (menta nera Sudamericana), Amer Picon, liquore al cacao bianco, bitter al cioccolato, affumicato al sandalo

Re Barbaro

Fumigà Vermouth smoked, Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey, Rhubarb liqueur, Walnut bitters

Cayo Hueso

Kingston White rum fat with coconut oil and Sichuan pepper, fig liqueur, pink grapefruit juice

Caffè & Ammazzacaffè

Toddy coffee liqueur, Campari, Fumigà Vermouth smoked, Frangelico, cognac Martell Vs, Fernet


Pineapple juice, lemon sorbet, passion fruit and mint puree, panela syrup, lime juice

Niwachi Sour

Vodka, sake distillate, basil shrub and arugula, Falernum

Sunday Brunch

Rum Appleton 8y pancake infused, lucuma puree (maple-flavored Andes fruit), banana shrub

Aria di Risotto

Wild Turkey bourbon whiskey infused with porcini mushrooms and saffron, bitter Gabelle salty, air teriyaki

Maya Spritz

Aperol, Italicus, Tepache (fermented drink made from pineapple and spices), paprika

Poblano en Jalisco

Tequila Espolon infused with rosemary, Ancho Reyes liqueur with green pepper, pineapple shrub, lime, Mezcal spray

Lanterna Cinese

Vodka Infused with pink pepper, alchechengi puree, shiso liqueur (Asian aromatic plant), vanilla foam

El Gaucho Dormido (analcolico)

Nonalcoholic Gin, Guayaba juice, Yerba Mate syrup, lemon juice


Pisco infuso al bancha (tè verde orientale), liquore di yuzu, cordial ai frutti di bosco, spremuta di pompelmo rosa, Thomas Henry botanical tonic water

Exotic Zen

Gin Bickens infuso al cardamomo, liquore allo zenzero, Pimento Dram, nettare di mango, succo di lime

Milk and Cookies

Vodka infused in Margaret’s Hope, vegetable cream, mint liqueur, mousse

Persi Pien

Professor Red Vermouth, peach and amaretto shrub, dark cocoa foam

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