Is it possible to go on a journey and reach remote places on earth without having to take a plane? Well yes, with Smile Tree in Turin this is possible. 

You won’t need a luggage or a ticket (just a green pass!) and you will be taken from the beautiful Piazza della Consolata to Tokyo, with a pit stop in Liguria and a trip through colourful Sicily, by tasting our elaborate and exotic cocktail mixes.

Thanks to the knowledge and, why not, a touch of courage of our barmen, we are always experimenting with unconventional combinations and recipes, mixing traditional ingredients and those from cultures far away or different from our own. 

The result amazes us every time and, often unexpectedly, leads us to travel with our imagination, reaching those very distant destinations and making us imagine flavours, smells, music and colours.

Americano a Savona among the flavours of the coast

Let’s start our journey from the beautiful, neighbouring Liguria, with its dreamy coastline and the characteristic alleyways of its towns.

Here, from Varazze to Pietra Ligure, the Savona chinotto is grown (despite being native of China) and is one of the ingredients in our cocktail Un Americano a Savona.

A citrusy variant of one of the world’s best-known cocktails and James Bond’s favourite drink, the Americano.
On a cold winter’s day in Turin, we can only dream of the beautiful beaches of Liguria.

Mr Blonde takes you to the Sicilian coast

We proceed along the Boot, crossing the Strait of Messina and landing in the place often referred to as the Island of the Sun, where Phoenicians, Greeks, Arabs and Normans once found a paradise: Sicily.

The agrumate notes of our Mr Blonde cocktail take you on a journey through the beauty of the Ionian coast. We land in Syracuse, the Baroque jewel of this island, full of history and breathtaking landscapes, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005.

From here, you can admire unforgettable (and Instagrammable) sunsets, surrounded by the unmistakable scent of lemons and caressed by the salty Ionian air.

The Orient Flavours

We end our journey walking among the cherry trees in bloom that paint the streets of Tokyo pink, to the sound of Japanese Biwa.

With its particular mix of ingredients, our Kondo Martini cocktail represents the two faces of this great metropolis, so modern and, at the same time, full of history and tradition.

Before returning to the Savoy capital, we can relax in one of the characteristic Minshuku in the more rural villages, dreaming of Kabuki shows and Geishas in Kimonos while enjoying our Vodka and Sake cocktail.

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