Discover the Smile Tree staff

Smile Tree boasts a team of professionals that combines experience, creativity, and dedication to provide you with unforgettable moments within our venue.
Ours is much more than a simple cocktail bar: it is a sensory journey, a unique experience designed to make a mark. Our team of professionals has a clear objective: to exceed your expectations and make every visit a unique and memorable event.
Our experts, with their artistic touch and expertise, transform high-quality ingredients into real works of art. Our goal is always the same: to create a magical atmosphere and exceptional cocktails that satisfy not only the palate but also the eyes.
Inside our cocktail bar, you will find a warm and welcoming environment, embellished with unique and personalized details that reflect our dedication to quality and excellence. Let our experts guide you, who with their skill and knowledge will amaze you with mixes of flavors and extraordinary presentations.
Come and get to know our world and the accomplishments of our experts!






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