Better Flavour of Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

Our drinks satify everyone’s need; our cocktail bar is in Quadrilatero Romano.

In Quadrilatero, the heart of the city center, we serve our cocktails to a diversified clientele. Our drinks satify everyone’s need: wheter you prefer sweet flavors, dry flavors or analcholics here you will find Your drink..

il borghese

fumigà smoked vermouth | campari infused with thyme | myrtle liqueur ruju | pepper infused gin foam

niwachi sour

cipango shochu | rocket and basil shrub | falernum | lemon


black mint infused espolon tequila | amer picon | white cocoa liqueur | chocolate bitters | sandalwood smoked

cayo hueso

kingston white rum fatwash with coconut oil and sichuan pepper | fig liqueur | pink grapefruit juice


cachaça | passion fruit and basil puree | lime juice | panela syrup

uramaki martini

bulldog gin infused with nori seaweed and capers | cinzano dry vermouth 1757 | spray of soy sauce


pisco | kiwi puree | yuzu, celery cordial and lemon grass | foam with wild lime leaves

poblano en jalisco

rosemary-infused espolon tequila | green chili ancho reyes liqueur | pineapple shrub | lime | mezcal spray

gaucho valiente

gin bickens infused with pink pepper | pink guava liqueur | yerba mate syrup

jolly roger

kingston dark rum | glenfiddich 12y whiskey | mandarin liqueur | panela syrup | caju juice | lime

un americano a savona

campari | points and months | dry orange | orange bitters | chinotto

mr blonde


crodino | yellow grapefruit juice | cedar syrup

margatet’s hope

gin bickens tea infused with bergamot and orange blossom | elderflower liqueur | cherry bitters | thomas henry | botanical tonic water


vodka | herbal liqueur | linden honey | Lime juice | peach yogurt milkwash | forest fruit foam

sweet dreams

Red Sandalwood Infused Wild Turkey Whiskey | mastiha | lemon | chamomile foam

lupus in fabula

Calvados | frangelic | hop infused mead | lemon juice | applewood smoked

the grape escape


grape juice | hibiscus cordial | vanilla syrup | lemon


vodka | almond syrup | rose liqueur | lime juice

re barbaro

Fumigà smoked vermouth | wild turkey bourbon whiskey | rhubarb liqueur | walnut bitters

coffee break

ginseng liqueur | nikka whiskey from the barrel | cardamom syrup | walnut bitters | Coffee Liquor

hansel & gretel


Guanabana Juice | raspberry syrup | lemon juice | ginger ale

the old sam

bourbon whiskey fatwash with ginger jam | cynar | angostura | mandarin and orange bitters


aperiol | ginger beer | Orange juice

stella alpina

Grappa di ruchè | vanilla liqueur | infused water with licorice and cloves | kalamansi juice

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