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Come and have fun with your friends and discover new cocktails in our local in Turin

Our cocktail bar is young and dynamic and wants to offer you a unique and fun aperitif experience. This is why we organize themed evenings or events to introduce new cocktails and drinks to our menu. Come and enjoy an evening with a different company!

30 December 2021

Best drinks to face the Christmas holidays

Christmas has a completely different flavor thanks to Smile Tree’s drink proposals. During this period of the year, between lunches, dinners in family and gift exchanges. […]
31 January 2022

Cocktails that let you “travel”

Is it possible to go on a journey and reach remote places on earth without having to take a plane? Well yes, with Smile Tree in […]
23 February 2022
vegan plates of smile tree in turin

Vegan plates in the menu of Smile Tree in Turin

What does it really mean to be vegan? We often hear about it as a fashion trend but for those who embrace the vegan lifestyle, it’s […]
4 April 2022
Smile Tree's Spritz in Turin

Spritz: origin and variants of the most popular cocktail

With the arrival of summer and the first warm, sunny days, Turin sheds the cold greyness of Winter and turns to the pastel colours of Spring. […]
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